Ken Scott


B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Utah

Professional Engineer - Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming

UTC Level 1 – Fiber Technician
UTC Level 2 – Fiber Designer
UTC Level 3 – Advanced Fiber Designer

Engineering Specialties
Microwave path analysis and installation, Multiple Address Systems (MAS), Automated substation communications, and Fiber Optics.

CC&E Engineers, Inc. - 2004 to present

Project Engineer
Consulting engineering assistance involving planning, design, documentation, installation and turn-up of digital microwave, MAS, and fiber optic systems.

Recent Major Projects
Provided consulting engineering assistance for the following projects:

The planning, design, and installation of new microwave links to support the phased rollover of an existing mobile radio system to a new trunked radio system. Required site visits, path analysis, material coordination, project estimates, and documentation.

The study, planning, installation, and documentation of a 33 hop backbone microwave system and associated cutover plan. Required site visits, documentation of existing equipment, path analysis, materials coordination, and management of four installation crews.

The study, planning, design, and implementation of a 960 MHz MAS systems involving over 170 remote sites. Required site visits, path analysis, management of four installation crews, materials coordination, documentation, state building and electrical permits and inspections.

The design of fiber optic communications for new electric utility substations. Required engineering coordination and documentation.

The design of a materials standards package of documentation facilitating the implementation and archiving of standard material, including part numbers, manufacturers, and pictures of the equipment.


CC&E Engineering

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