CC&E Engineers specializes in a wide range of communications services including planning, estimating, design, documentation, project management, and turn-key.  We have the proven experience for your project.  Please contact us for more information regarding our services.

Microwave System Design and Implementation

System planning is critical to the successful installation, operation and proper performance of any wireless system, and this is especially true for line-of-sight microwave.

CC&E Engineering brings many years of education, diverse experience, and real-world wisdom to every project. These attributes are demonstrated by thorough, technically up-to-date, and customer appropriate designs.

Modern computational tools, combined with proven physical path study techniques, assure our customers of real world solutions.

Fiber Optic & Optical Transport Network (OTN) System Design & Implementation

As the speed and bandwidth requirements of communications systems continue to increase, the adoption of fiber optic-based systems has never been more widespread than now.

Fiber-based communication systems, including OTN provide the bandwidth necessary to enable reliable data communications across a wide area at high speeds (Gbps).

CC&E Engineers specializes in the design and implementation of fiber-based optical systems.

Power Line Carrier

Although fiber optic and microwave-based digital communication systems have augmented or replaced many traditional PLC-based communication systems, PLC (Power-line Carrier) continues to be one of the most cost-effective solutions to cover the operational needs of a wide-area power system.

PLC systems typically represent a large long-term investment on the part of many utility companies, and it is seldom possible to replace entire PLC systems all at once. In other cases, PLC channels are still useful as backup channels or for simple low-cost installations that do not require the installation of new digital lines.

For this reason, CC&E Engineers continue to specialize in the design, implementation, and migration, of PLC-based communication systems.

Communications Systems

Communications Systems Feasibility Analysis

CC&E Engineers is dedicated to providing best in class results on any type of communications project, from start to finish. Proper prior consultation and feasibility analysis are a vital part of any project. Using the extensive, and comprehensive, experience of our engineering staff, CC&E works closely with all clients to determine the needs, and scope, of each project before any work is done. Our staff is the solid foundation of CC&E's consultation expertise.

Power Systems

CC&E Engineers' ample experience with power systems comes from our many engineers who specialized in maintaining Rocky Mountain Power’s electrical transmission lines, grids, and machinery for decades.

Because of this, CC&E is able to provide the experience sought for by many power utility companies, working with a wide variety of power systems and devices while always keeping in mind the requirements involved with such complex electrical systems.


SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and EMS (Energy Management System) systems are critical to a utility company’s strategy for monitoring and controlling distribution networks down to the substation level. Most major electric utilities in North America have made significant investments in implementing SCADA/EMS technology with the added ability to generate information used for metering, marketing, regulatory compliance, and customer service.

Many of the benefits of SCADA/EMS technology hinge upon the reliability of the underlying communications system. Multiple Address System (MAS) radio, microwave, fiber, etc. are often chosen as primary communications systems depending upon the application.

CC&E Engineers has the experience to help utility companies select, implement, and maintain SCADA/EMS systems, along with the most reliable and cost-effective communications systems to support it.

Land Mobile Radio Systems

Land Mobile Radio Systems continue be the backbone of two-way radio communications for organizations with large vehicle fleets or numerous field staff over a wide area. Many of these systems have experienced a steady increase of mobile radio users throughout the years.

Traditional single, or multi-channel, analog FM voice systems have previously been able to accommodate the growing number of users, but the continued expansion of such systems has created a crisis of spectrum crowding and fueled the adoption of more efficient mobile radio technologies.

CC&E Engineers will work with the vendors of new radio system technology, including spectrum-efficient digital radio systems, enabling increased user capacity, security, and functionality, as well as restoration of coverage while operating within the current bandwidth restrictions imposed upon current analog-based communications.

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