Theron Anderson

Project Engineer I / Manager / Corporate Secretary



                B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Utah 2018


                F.E. – 7/2018

Engineering Specialties

Microwave path analysis and installation, Multiple Address Systems (MAS), Automated substation communications, SCADA, and Fiber Optics.

CC&E Engineers, Inc. - 2014 to present

       Project Engineer / Manager

Consulting engineering assistance involving planning, design, documentation, installation and turn-up of digital microwave, MAS, SCADA, and fiber optic systems.

                Recent Major Projects

                Provided consulting engineering assistance for the following projects:

Salt Lake area 48VDC systems upgrade. Provided engineering services in support of a 48 VDC battery and charger upgrade project including redline edits of site and equipment drawings, and preparing purchase requisitions for all contract installation services.

Updated 200+ Circuit Block and Level Drawings. Microwave replacement projects in Utah have put Aviat Eclipse radios in place of old Constellation microwave radios. Existing Circuit Block and Level documentation were updated with the new standard blocks for the new Aviat radios, at all sites affected.

Assisted in developing, defining, building & documenting Telecom standards and associated Compatible Units library.

Provided engineering for DS1 verification and updates associated the a circuit data base project. Using drawings and spreadsheets, verified the following DS1 information: Status – void or in service; SF/ESF; Clear/Channelized; T1/E1; if channelized, created channel assignment spreadsheets.

CC&E Engineering

308 East 4500 South Ste. 150
Murray, Utah 84107

(801) 363-2100